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DUI Attorney


Robert Carter, DUI Attorney, represents Tennessee drivers who are caught driving with a Blood Alcohol Content of .8 or above. A driver may pass a breathalyzer test but admit they were drinking and can be charged with a Common Law DUI.

Do I need a lawyer?

Of course you do which is why you are reading this, DUI penalities are the most severe of any misdemeanor crimes in Tennessee.

Can DUI be expunged?

No, Tennessee law states that DUI convictions remain on your record forever. It is the only misdemeanor charge that cannot be expunged in the state of Tennessee.

Will I lose my license?

A DUI conviction will suspend your license for a minimum of one year. Refusing to submit to a field sobriety test, regardless of whether you are convicted of the DUI, will automatically suspend your license for one year. If your license is suspended you can apply for a restricted driver’s license for school or work.

Field Sobriety Test


Should I submit to a test?

No, anyone pulled over for suspected drunk driving will most likely go to jail regardless of how they perform on a field sobriety test. The tests are merely a formality, if you are going to jail anyway, it makes no sense to give them evidence to help them convict you. Contact a DUI attorney, call Bobby Carter.

Minimum Penalty

People charged with DUI have to post bond once they are arrested which can take several hours. The minimum punishment for a first offense DUI is 48 hours in jail and 11 months and 27 days of probation. Second offense is 45 days in jail, third offense is 120 days. Also there is a $350 fine for a first offense DUI.

Waiting 48 hours to post bail may be applied to the time you will have to serve later and why go back twice?

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